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Address                    Sienna Bhavan, Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad, 682039  


Date of Birth          18 March       

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Education (Technical)             

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) titled “Service Oriented Approach to High Performance Scientific Computing” at the Research School of Computer Science, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia. This research is a part of High Performance Numeric Computing on Service Oriented Architecture (HPNumSOA) project - a collaboration between IBM-PlatformTM Computing and the School of Computer Science at ANU.                      

Master of Applied Sciences (Information Systems) (2 years) with specialization in Networked and Distributed Systems from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia with Cumulative GPA of 3.5/4 and a successful completion of Minor Thesis titled “An Architecture for Highly Distributed Content Delivery Network”. Coursework modules included Advanced Client Server Architecture, Distributed Databases, Network Programming, Network Security, Advanced Programming Techniques, Java for Programmers, Engineering Software Projects and Research Methods.      

Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering) from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India with Distinction. Modules covered included 5 papers of Engineering Mathematics.

Work Experience

Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthi, Thrissur 

Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET), Kerala, India

New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) at the University of Auckland

 Funded Research Project

Funded Project Title: "Intelligent Data Analytics Platform for a Metro Rail Transport System"

Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology, India

Total Fund Sanctioned : 24,96,000 Rupees

Principal Investigator : Fr Dr. Jaison Paul Mulerikkal CMI

Project Summary: Through this project, we intend to develop an intelligent data analytical platform for a metro rail transport system integrating its various CPS and other data sources. We keep Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) as a specific use case for this project. This platform will be a middleware with input (data) APIs and output (information) APIs which is built on the top of an HDFS based software stack. The middleware will also implement a set of analytical solutions which are again exposed to the outside world through relevant APIs. Developers can leverage on these input and output APIs to develop internal or external applications. The project will also implement few Proof of Concept (POC) applications to prove the viability of the above middleware with its APIs. This middleware will be generic in nature so that it could be replicated in other Metro Rail systems with minimum modifications and customization.

Data is the new fuel. Kochi Metro was inaugurated on 17th June 2017 and there are four assured data streams from its IP enabled CPS modules. They are (1) Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system, (2) Trip Planner mobile application (Kochi 1 App), (3) CCTV cameras and (4) Automated Vehicle Location data. Moreover, there are two other external data streams which will complement the above data streams. They are (5) vehicle parking data associated with metro stations and (6) GPS data from the feeder city bus network, both are available to KMRL and thus made available to this project. This data, some of which are structured and the other unstructured, will be put together to create real-time (and near-real-time) information and valuable legacy insights to improve customer experience, customer trip planning, trip scheduling, ridership forecasting, commuter behaviour analysis, security and administration of a metro rail system. 

Research Experience & Interests

My research interests lie in high performance computing and cloud computing, especially for scientific kernels and applications. I have developed a Service Oriented Architecture Middleware (ANU-SOAM) for high performance scientific computing as part of PhD research. For the same I studied the source code and architecture of IBM-Platform Symphony – an enterprise SOA/Cloud middleware and then re-engineered it fully using C++ and MPI programming with more than 20000 lines of codes. It was possible because my PhD was an industry project (APAI) and source code (of IBM-Platform Symphony) was made available as part of a MoU between ANU and IBM-Platform.

 With its compute as well as the extended data services, ANU-SOAM provides a scalable, fault-tolerant and convenient SOA platform for developing scientific kernels and applications without compromising performance. ANU-SOAM can function as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) for scientific computing in the cloud computing stack. ANU-SOAM has already been deployed in Amazon and Rackspace clouds and tested it over the Internet to produce high performance results (please refer my latest technical paper). It is also successfully deployed and tested in National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) HPC clusters.

Scientific kernels and applications that have developed using conventional tools like MPI and their ANU-SOAM implementations include - Conjugate Gradient Solver, Cholesky Factorization, N Body Simulation and Heat Transfer Equations.

Technical Skills    High-level programming skills in MPI, C, C++ and IBM Platform symphony suit. Comfortable with object oriented programming languages like Java. High research related skills like latex, plot, gnuplot, scripts, etc. Comfortable working knowledge with network, web and linux systems.

Dr Jaison Paul Mulerikkal